A little bit about Wigglebeat and its mission

Wigglebeat is a holistic approach to your dog’s wellbeing, combining massage techniques, acupressure, and lifestyle changes. Instead of waiting for imbalances and illness to appear, we’re building your dog’s vitality, stamina, and longevity.

Dog massage is not just a way to help ease the pain that comes with old age; it’s about making sure your dog stays as happy and as healthy as possible. You can use it to nurture, stretch, calm, and relax your dog.

Meet Anja

Hi there, my name is Anja, and I’m excited to welcome you to Wigglebeat, a place dedicated to improving your dog’s well-being with holistic practices and lifestyle changes. I love dogs and connecting with their humans, which is why Wigglebeat’s methods focus primarily on dog’s wellbeing and happiness so you can both get the most out of your time together.

Meet Tisa

Hello human, so nice to meet you! My name is Tisa, and I’m the official dog massage model here at Wigglebeat. Exactly 10 years ago, Anja and I met each other’s gaze at an animal shelter, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Besides croup rubs and making new friends, I also love naps on the couch, lots and lots of crunchy treats, and swimming in puddles of all shapes and sizes.

How our story started

In the past, me and Tisa loved running long distances together until one day, I got seriously hurt and had to stop exercising for two years. During my physical therapy and clinical somatics, we could only take short walks around the block, and Tisa became a little bit chubbier – spending most of her time on the comfy couch and nibbling on her treats.

Here I was, doing all kinds of treatments to make my injury heal faster, and it got me thinking, “what would happen if our roles were reversed?” If Tisa got hurt, not me? I had all these options to heal myself and ease my pain, but what about her? Is her only option to visit a vet, or can I help her avoid injuries by improving her health with gentle lifestyle changes?

After doing some research, I realized there aren’t many techniques to improve our dogs’ wellbeing before seeing a vet – more often than not, when an illness or injury is already present. But I was determined and had a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to dig deeper. When I eventually stumbled across the field of canine massage, I was instantly hooked.

I enrolled at Northwest School of Animal Massage (Washington, USA) and later continued my learning with Shintaro at Shintaro Dog Massage & International Association of Holistic Dog Therapy (Yokohama, JAPAN). I also got my Emmett certification and now teach live workshops each month.  This helped me further develop an easy-to-follow technique safe for home use that helps your dog maintain a healthy and fit body resistant to disease and injury.

I can’t wait for you to experience the incredible benefits of this technique and help your pup live its best life!

Start your journey with Wigglebeat

Live Workshops

Participate in our live workshops where, in intimate group settings. These hands-on sessions offer direct guidance and a calm, collaborative learning environment for attendees and their dogs.

Online course

Dive into dog massage fundamentals with my Wigglebeat online course, designed to introduce you to my unique approach and techniques, forming a holistic pathway to your dog’s well-being. 

1:1 Sessions

Once you’ve completed the online course, you can take the opportunity to book a  1:1 session with me. These sessions provide you with hands-on techniques and tips tailored to your dog’s needs.